Use AI to identify sustainable companies worldwide

We are a pioneering company utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to transform company sustainability data into concise and actionable sustainability metrics.

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What we do

Harvest the power of unstructured data

We process company's sustainability data and compress them into sustainability metrics.

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Insights into sustainability

We provide metrics on the sustainability of companies to consultants, professional investors and non-profits.

Sustainability Metrics

for >8000 listed and non-listed companies

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List of company products, taxonomies

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Tailor made data solutions for clients

About Us

AI pioneering start-up

We are a Netherlands-based startup driven by the vision of creating a positive impact on the world. Harnessing the potential of the latest AI advancements, we aim to evaluate and analyze the sustainability of companies. By making informed decisions based on reliable data, we strive to contribute towards a better world.


AI models

We combine the power of many state-of-the-art AI models to achieve the highest accuracy


Documents processed daily

Our data-science pipelines are build for scale and accuracy to process massive amounts of unstructured textual data



We track a global universe of listed and non-listed companies, including identifiers


Frequently Asked Questions

We are using various machine learning techniques, for more information please have a look at calculations page
Currently 'How Sustainable' tracks >8000 companies
Currently, we are in public beta, the confidence in the scores is currently low, but will improve over time. Please note that the information presented is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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